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Paint Color Batches

Adjust faster and cheaper

With Automotive precision if needed.

Color Training and Workshops

We educate your people to the required level.

Follow our 1 hour lecture!

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Color Strategy

Together we develop the roadmap to success.

With profitable new products along the way.

Recruitment of Color Experts

We find the best professionals for your vacancy.

Color Scientists, technologists and technicians.

Color Technology Consultancy

When color makes the difference

Color Technology Consultancy  (CTC), is a fresh, forward thinking company offering decades of expertise in Color, stretching from a scientific basis to pragmatic solutions for laboratories and factory lines. Please contact us for more information.

We offer a wide rage of professional color solutions to suit your needs. To see how we can help you please have a look here.

As we develop and grow the site, new and updated content will be added regularly. Read our articles about Innovation in Color Technology, great read for newbies and seasoned professionals. Any recommendations on topics? Let us know! info@coltechcon.com


  • Color Batches

    Many industries need to color their products like paint with high color accuracy for their customers. Tough specifications need to be met with short lead times. Color technology and digitization are crucial for this process. We will guide you through the process of measurement, color adjustment and meeting tough specifications.

  • Color Measuring & Monitoring

    Several companies offer color measurement devices. Ranging from 50 to 100.000+ euro. We will help you to identify the right solutions for your needs. Since several years new cheap and accurate color measuring devices entered the market for certain purposes like choosing the right color from a color fan deck. At the other end of the instrument spectrum are high end spectrophotometers often necessary for tasks like multi angle measurement. For these type of instruments it is crucial to monitor them over time.

  • Color Training and Workshops

    Does your staff need to pick up color technology fast? We have a one hour lecture to explain color reflectance curves from the start, gloss differences, color differences, metamerism and effect coatings. We also provide in depth customer attuned and optimized trainings on all aspects of color technology including the use of visual assessments.

  • Color Matching

    Color Matching involves many aspects like pigment choices, optimizations for e.g. color difference, metamerism and of course costs. Current software programs optimize with sometimes incomprehensible methods. We can help you to identify the right optimum for these difficult problems. Especially for effect coatings where digitization is still developing we can help you to make the right choices.

  • Color Product Development

    Color is often a key property of newly developed products and it often is hard to reach the fierce specifications of your customers. CTC will help you to reach your due dates in product development. We are seasoned project managers and very experienced in managing color specialists and IT people.

  • Color Questions

    CTC has a unique service where we make our knowledge available to you when you need it. If you subscribe for a small monthly fee (280 euro) we will help you within 24 hours and in most cases sooner.

  • Color Strategy

    Improving color processes consists of many aspects that require concrete steps to reach your targets. Common questions are: Which steps need to be taken?  What is the timing and order of the steps? Against which costs is each step taken? We will help you to formulate Mission, Vision and strategy for color attuned to your business.

  • Color Visual Perception

    Color digitization can boost your performance and product output enormously. However, numbers like “L, a and b’ do not always correlate with what you see. We can help you to correlate visual perception with spectrophotometric readings. Train your people to professionalize their visual assessment and mutual agreement.

  • Recruitment and selection of Color Experts

    It is our passion to provide you with the best matching employees for your business. In the world of color technology there are just a few number of professionals available. These people are hard to find and often satisfied in their current job working on their color passion. CTC can approach these people and interest them for your new challenging job. Colorimetry is a blend of physics, chemistry and IT and each job requires different ratios. In our selection procedure, we will look at background, skills, mobility, salary, motivation and other important drivers for a successful new career.

    Click here for further information about our solutions.

Our Three Client Categories

Color equipment

Producers of color equipment, software, data solutions and services.

Color Producers

Producers of coloring materials like coatings, plastics, inks and pigments.

Color Applicators

Companies that apply coloring materials for their end products. Application areas including food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fashion, construction and architectures

When Color makes the difference

Color plays a very important role in our lives and people make thousands unconscious decisions based on Color every day. Achieving the right and consistent color for a product is a difficult task requiring specific skills, proper understanding and a high level of technology. This technology has drastically changed over the last decades through digitization by means of instruments, software and data communication. Many industries struggle with color accuracy in their processes. Dedicated advice helps to improve quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the process to a level that becomes a competitive edge and may even lead to business innovations.

Project Support

A typical improvement approach where CTC can help to improve the performance of your color processes

consists of the following steps:

  1. One day scan (typical 4-8hrs, reduced rate)
  2. Analysis report (typical 20-40hrs)
  3. Improvement report (typical 40-80hrs)
  4. Project Startup
  5. Project Execution

Execution will strongly depend on the specifics of the client company.

Click here for further information about our project support.

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