Roel Gottenbos

As an innovative manager with 30 year plus experience in color technology I was responsible for the development of a substantial amount of new game changing color tools while working for AkzoNobel. Tools that became world standards and that opened new solutions for the automotive markets like in 2007 the BYK-mac multi angle instrument and the novel Automatchic Vision in 2015. Both were developed together with our partner BYK-Gardner. Next to the Car Refinishes work field I was very active for other business areas like Decorative, Aerospace and plastic coatings.

  • 36 years in color and 15 years as color research manager responsible for 24 scientists and (IT) specialists in The Netherlands and India.
  • Project leader for AkzoNobel  for the Macbeth G630, the first multi angle spectro in Vehicle Refinish body shops (1993)
  • Project leader for AkzoNobel: BYK-Gardner BYK-mac multi angle spectro that includes sparkle measurement
  • Principal for AkzoNobel: Automatchic Vision – Launch April 2015
  • Color software programs: Color Matching, Quality Control, Measurement
  • Managed Color IT teams in various projects

Erik van Biemen

An eager and experienced technology manager, fascinated by the processing of Color and coatings. Gained experience over the last 25 years in Color processing, Chemistry (coatings), Color-IT, Marketing, Education and Management; developed a wide skill set to communicate easily with all different disciplines resulting in quick, practical & useful solutions for the stakeholders involved; Successfully led departments and projects.

  • 27 years in paint applications and color technology business areas like  OEM, Deco and various Industries,
  • 7 years chairman of the Dutch Society for study on Color
  • International Color Marketing leader and R&D manager resulting in software and database solutions for over 35.000 Decorative mixing machines worldwide
  • Project management at color collateral QC, introduction of low cost color retrievers, developing color standards and global spectrophotometer alignment & monitoring programs
  • Global color program manager for Coil coatings, Packaging coatings and Wood Finishes