Color Batches

Many industries need to color their products like paint with high color accuracy for their customers. Tough specifications need to be met with short lead times. Color technology and digitization are crucial for this process. We will guide you through the process of measurement, color adjustment and meeting tough specifications.

Faster production of color batches is becoming more and more important in industries like paints and plastic. Often the existing workforce is not fully equipped to handle the changing demands. Sometimes these demands are contradictory like price and tight tolerances. Tolerances are often set on different criteria like color differences and metamerism under various light source combinations. It is not always straightforward how to handle these criteria in the available color software packages. We can help you to speed up the to process and educate your people to manage this. Sometimes more drastic measures are necessary like the reorganization of a group or department. We are seasoned managers and can help you in such a process of change.